Guardian Home Program

The Basics

We love doodles and shihpoos, absolutely love them! While we wish we could keep every breeding dog in our program, it just isn’t possible or fair to our dogs. We began placing a few of our breeding dogs in guardian homes in January 2020. This allows us as breeders to place our future breeding dogs, usually as puppies, in loving, forever homes under a mutually beneficial agreement with their guardians. The dog lives with you and comes back to us for breeding as needed. Guardian homes act as “foster homes” until the terms of the contract are satisfied and full ownership is transferred to the guardian.

Some of Our Guardian Home Families and Puppies

Benefits for Guardian Homes

You will receive one puppy, of top breeding quality chosen by us, at a significantly reduced rate.
You will also receive compensation from each litter sired or whelped by the dog when it is of breeding age, pending the terms of our guardian contract.
Free boarding in our home anytime you need it, within reason. This allows the dog to get to know us and be comfortable in our home when it comes back for breeding.
Once the terms of the guardian contract are fulfilled, we pay for the spay/neuter and ownership of the dog is transferred to you.

  • Stormie’s Doodles legally owns the puppy/dog until the terms of contract have been met:
  • Up to four (4) litters for females, with an option for a 5th depending on the health of the dam
  • Goldendoodles & Bernedoodles- at least six (6) puppies to be considered a full litter.
  • Shihpoos – at least three (3) puppies to be considered a full litter
  • If the 5th litter is optioned, compensation for the guardian will increase by 50%.
  • 4 years for males

Guardian Home Responsibilities

  • Routine veterinary expenses for well care (shots, worming) and injuries or illness are the responsibility of the guardian. 
  • Grooming expenses to include regular bathing, nail trims, sanitary clips, and cuts.
  • Basic obedience training. We recommend taking the puppy through Canine Good Citizen certification.
  • Feeding a high quality, pea/legume/bean free diet approved by the breeder.
  • Socialization with your friends and family. 
  • Prior approval from us for any medications or treatments that may affect fertility and breeding quality. This includes flea, tick, and worming medications.


Females will return when in heat, then again to deliver the puppies. 

  • You must notify us at the first sign of heat, usually spotting. The first heat usually occurs between 8-14 months of age, then every 6-8 months thereafter. The female will come to stay with us for 7-10 days during her heat cycle, to be bred. Her first breeding will usually be on her second or third heat, depending on her age. We will provide washable diapers for you to use during her heat cycle.
  • YOU MUST KEEP HER AWAY FROM INTACT MALES DURING HER HEAT CYCLE. She should not leave your house or be left unattended in your fenced yard while in heat unless she is coming to us for breeding or is going to the vet for testing.
  • After breeding, she will return to you. You are responsible for ensuring she eats well, and takes the pre-natal vitamins we provide. We require weekly updates on her progress. The gestation period for dogs is 63 days, approximately 9 weeks.
  • You must be available to take her for breeding/pregnancy related vet appointments. She may be scheduled for progesterone testing, pregnancy confirmation ultrasound, puppy count x-ray, or other required tests/exams. We will pay the breeding related veterinary expenses. We have our own ultrasound machine and can travel to your home to for pregnancy confirmation when our schedule allows.
  • She returns to whelp (deliver) the puppies one week before they are due and will stay with us until the puppies are weaned, about 7 weeks total. During that time, we will schedule visits for you to see the dam and puppies.


(We will not have males for Guardian Home placement until late 2022)
The responsibilities for male guardian homes are much simpler.
Our males MAY NOT live in guardian homes with INTACT FEMALES and MAY NOT be bred to females who have not been approved and arranged by us. This is to ensure the health of the male and avoid contracting canine brucellosis, a contagious bacterial infection. Infected dogs usually develop an infection of the reproductive system, or a sexually transmitted disease and must be euthanized.

  • The male must be available for breeding on short notice, usually within 72 hours. There may be occasional last-minute requirements with less than 24 hours’ notice, but those will be few and far between. When the breeding window opens, he will stay with us for 3-7 days or we will bring dam to you for breeding depending on the situation. Males generally perform better in their own home.
  • We will provide stud supplements for him. You will be required to feed them to him daily when notified of a planned breeding.

Additional Requirements

  • Guardian home candidates must have Facebook accounts and allow us to friend you on Facebook and participate in our Stormie’s Doodles Families Facebook group. This is the most un-intrusive way to keep in contact and receive regular updates on our dogs.
  • You must own your home and have a fully fenced in back yard. We may require a home visit to ensure your home and living situation are suitable prior to approving you as a guardian home.
  • You have to have great communication with us and allow us access to the dog when required for the duration of the contract. You will have at least 24 hours’ notice unless there is an emergency situation,
  • Live within 2 hours of Rockledge, FL 32955. If your commute to our home is more than 30 minutes, we will meet half-way.
  • Use a professional groomer and keep the “doodle” look.
  • Provide photos of the dog when requested.
  • If you need to relocate outside the 2-hour radius requirement, contact us soon as possible. We will work out fair arrangements on a case by case basis.
  • Understand the guardian dog is also financial investment we are placing in your care. Any violation of the above or negligence on your part that affects the dog’s ability to breed could result is a $5,000 penalty fee owed to us.

Guardian Home Inquiry

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home, please fill out this inquiry form. Include your Facebook account name and link to your profile in the comments section.