We are so grateful for the families that love our doodles! These reviews are taken from our Stormie’s Doodles Google and Facebook pages. We are happy to provide references upon request.

We loved our experience with Stormie’s Doodles and are smitten with our golden doodle puppy, Jack! Thanks for having such a great and loving environment…we are so glad we found you!!

Trish T

Our experience with Rose & Stormie Doodles was beyond amazing to say the least. We researched several breeders not only in FL but GA, ATL and AL. We kept on coming back to Stormie’s until we finally sent the application expecting our puppy in January, 4 days ago she reached out and told us she had one available. He’s peacefully sleeping now in his new home. Rose provided everything she had for him!!! We couldn’t be more grateful for this match! Thank you Rose!!

Maria M

Stormie’s Doodles have been great! I couldn’t have been happier with their services. I absolutely love my pup! She is so smart, loving & beautiful! I have to credit that to the team at Stormie’s Doodles! If I were to do it all over again, I would 100% get my pup from Stormie’s Doodles!

Nicole P

We are absolutely thrilled with our new puppy. He is a healthy, energetic, and curious boy. Everything went smoothly, from the registration all the way up until bringing the him home. Stormie’s was very active from a social media standpoint so we were able to see pictures or videos of the puppies multiple times a week. They also contacted us with any updates that needed to be shared during the process. We definitely felt like we were in the loop with everything, even from a distance. We thank them for a great experience and a wonderful addition to our family.

Ben W

We recently adopted our newest family member from Stormie’s Doodle. We just wanted to say the whole process for visiting the baby pups was great. They answered many questions for us and gave a lot of tips and advice ranging from eating, house training and grooming. If you are looking for a doodle, I would highly recommend you check out Stormie’s Doodle. You won’t regret it.

Joy R

Working with Stormie’s Doodles was a great process! From figuring out which litter would be best to bringing my new puppy home, it was a wonderful experience. They were very friendly, helpful, and responsive. I loved getting updates from the day the litter was born to the day I picked from the litter. Would definitely go with Stormie’s again.

Stephen M & Cooper

I purchased a little petite doodle that was born on August 14, 2021 from Stormie’s Doodles because after researching I found their breeding program and their facility at their home to be a very high-quality and my dog that I’ve had now for about six weeks is absolutely thriving. Stormie’s Doodles breed some of the nicest dogs you’ll find anywhere. They also keep you all up-to-date on the puppies right after they’ve been born and until you’re able to choose one and then pick them up. Their Facebook page and their website are full of great information and I highly recommend them.

Bonnie V

I just got my baby golden doodle from Stormie’s Doodles. The whole experience was so exciting and fun. Rose and Chris are exceptional in what they do. They professional, knowledgeable and caring. I was able to track the whole process from birth on Facebook and FB lives. It is so exciting watching them grow. Rose and Chris are so loving and caring for the pups and I can’t wait until I am ready to get another golden doodle, I will definitely using Stormie’s doodles again for my next fur baby!

Linda C

My experience with Stormie’s Doodles has been super. I have a wonderful black, male, 8 month old Golden Doodle that has a loving personality. He is well mannered but that, understandably, has taken some training. He is a smart dog and learns quickly. He is well known at the dog park because he gets along with everyone. He prefers to be with someone and loves to travel with us camping. He likes to play, retrieving almost anything. He loves the water – from a hose or swimming in a pond. He is energetic outside but sleeps at our feet inside. Previously, I owned Golden Retrievers because they had such sweet personalities. Ca$h, my Golden Doodle, has a similar sweet personality without the shedding – what a bonus.

Penny M

I am so pleased with Stormie’s Doodles! I highly recommend them if you want a golden doodle! Rose and her husband are so Delightful and Knowledgeable about any question concerning the puppies. I am a proud dog mom because of Stormie’s Doodle! I have to say their website is awesome. It has all you need to know about any puppies in general especially with a golden doodle breed. Thank you again, Stormie’s Doodles! Sending hugs and kisses from Carter and Otis.

Shannon P